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Mullett-Smith Press is interested in Desktop production of musical scores, information on Architectural History and Historic Preservation. We have pages to visit on Urgent Needs for buildings by the architect, A.B. Mullett, that need funding, letters to those in Congress or in GSA.
We are members of The National Society of Arts and Letters, Washington Chapter and provide pages on their competitions and former winners.
We are members of AIIM, ARMA, Treasury Historical Association , Capitol Historical Society, Society for Scholarly Publishers, National Museum of Women in the Arts, various nature preservation organizations, and other organizations. We are listed n Who's Who of American Women 2000-2004, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

Mullett-Smith Press

  1. Portland Pioneer Courthouse by A.B. Mullett GSA has closed the Pioneer Post Office in Portland, and will turn it into use only for the 3 judges now occupying the building. The worst of the plan is using unneeded seismic upgrade, installing an underground parking lot putting a huge hole in the walls, and we all know how easy it is to get car bombs into underground lots! All US Senators from Oregon and all but one of Oregon's Congressmen have now listened to the citizens of Portland who want the building to remain as is. Voice your opposition to GSA's very expensive construction plan. Contact
    Michael Levine, Regional Environmental Program Officer, GSA - 1-PDTB, 400 15th Street, SW, Auburn, WA 98001
    The release date for the Environmental Assessment was 12/5/2003. The comment period of the EA ended 30 days later when the GSA Regional Administrator signs the FONSI. email Historic Preservationists and lovers of National Treasures, San Francisco Mint GSA has surrendered ownership of the Mint. This is in response to the public notice for its disposal. GSA held up the transfer, wishing to force huge expenses on the city for the reconstruction of the chimneys. The Mint had originally agreed to rebuild the chimneys for the new owners when it transfered custody of the building to GSA but GSA is not telling the City of S.F. of this agreement. Has the Mint backed down? Meanwhile the Mayor's office is proceeding productively.
  2. Historic Preservationists raised $201,000 by April 15, 2000 to restore the north wing of U.S. Treasury Building Restoration fund. Treasury Historical Association The restoration is now complete and the North wing is reopened. The East wing is now being cleaned and preserved.
  3. Portland Pioneer Courthouse by A.B. Mullett A. B. Mullett and his buildings... A. B. Mullett (1834 - 1890) lived most of his adult life in Washington, DC designing buildings for over 10 years for the United States Government across the United States. In addition to his many public buildings, private and commercial office buildings and homes benefitted from his design talents in Washington, DC, New York City area, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Maryland . His remaining buildings are registered Historic Landmarks. Most famous of his historic landmarks are the recently renamed Old Executive Office Building (next to the White House and for 20 years referred in newspapers as "the White House Basement" until Oliver North explained in testimony that his office was on the fourth or fifth floor of one of the largest historic office buildings in Washington) now The Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the San Francisco Mint Museum currently being transferred from GSA ownership to San Francisco ownership. The new owners, City of San Francisco, have turned over the renovation and transformation of the old Mint to a museum and money is being solicited to help fund the restoration. If the funds are insufficient and the renovation cannot be completed on time, the project is lost. It may revert back to GSA. That would be a shame. Contact the Mayor's office of the city of San Francisco to learn where to make contributions to keep this project viable.
  4. The St. Louis Post Office (which was built on quicksand but has shown no signs of settling in over 150 years) is also in trouble again due to GSA. There is an effort by the Park Service to get this building in order before it is transfered to new ownership.
  5. Brothers by Arthur Dove, private collection Arthur Dove... Arthur G. Dove was America's first abstract artist and arguably among the world's first abstract artists. Suzanne Mullett Smith wrote her master's thesis on Arthur Dove and part of her degree required making a catalogue of all of his works so that in future generations, identifying an original from potential forgeries would be much easier. The catalog is now in the American Art Archives located in the Smithsonian Institution's American Painting Museum. Mrs. Smith's thesis was copied and quoted without sufficient reference by most publications on Arthur Dove for over 25 years after it was first released. Master's thesis submissions were not covered under copyright law in those days.
  6. National Society of Arts and Letters, Washington Chapter ...
  7. Publications now in print...
  8. We also invite you to visit the page set up by Treasury Historical Association

A professionally prepared publication was subcontracted through the University of Arizona Press. Legend of the Hopi Indians, Spider Woman Stories by G. M. Mullett is available from University of Arizona Press and several on-line bookstores. We invite you to check your favorite search engine for sales of this publication. It is in its 8th edition and is comprised of turn of the century Hopi (Native American) legends.

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