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November 2, 2007

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A picture of Kjetil I was born in Ålesund, Norway in 1964 and started working with databases and systems back in 1985 when I was hired as an Artemis programmer at Liaaen Engineering in Ålesund. Having stayed there for two years I moved on to Oslo and a similar job with Kvaerner Engineering. There I developed a very strong interest in relational databases and system management and after two years I also met a Swedish girl.

It was then time for something new, so I moved to Sweden and started working for Volvo Car Corp. as the DBA of an Rdb/VMS based MPS system and System Manager of a VAX Cluster and PC Lan. After three years Volvo sold this plant to Lear Seating Corporation. Two years later it was time to move on again. I was a DBA and DB Developer at Kvaerner Pulping in Karlstad, Sweden. They had Oracle databases running on Windows NT and VAX/VMS. I left Kvaerner in July 1997 and started as a consultant at Mandator here in Karlstad specializing in Oracle tools and databases. On  May 1, 1999 I joined RKS Data AB and participated in opening the new Karlstad office. Check us out at http://www.rks.se/karlstad if you can read Swedish.

Mail me kjetil@reocities.com

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