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Since January 31 1998

There is not a whole lot here at the moment but it should all come together as soon as I have time. Will feature color pictures of AUS and otherhunting & recreations sites and related data.
Basically concerned with hunting Down here in AUS.

Ballistics/Product Reviews/game Animals/Firearms/Local state and Govt. Law

These are some of the Rifles that I shoot/load for:

Weatherby Mk-5 Stainless 340 Weatherby Magnum (US Made)
Weatherby Mk-5 Deluxe 300 Weatherby Magnum (Jap Made)
Ruger M77-Mk2 270 Winchester (wood stock)
Ruger M77-Mk2 308 Winchester (wood stock)
Sako L579 Heavy Barrel .220 Swift
Sako L591 Sporter 22/250 Rem
Sako L691R Sporter 30/06 Springfield
Marlin 1895SS .45/70 Springfield
Marlin M30AS .30/30 Winchester
Howa M1500 .222 Rem

As you will probably Find out I am an Avid .220SWIFT user and FAN!
To find out a little more about the worlds fastest commercial varmint round
read on, and remember "Speed Kills, Shoot a .220!"

Other things to see

Misc. Pictures
340 Weatherby Magnum Reloading Data
220 Swift Reloading Data
Swift History and More Data
Hunting Photo's #1
Hunting Photo's #2
Hunting Photo's #3
Hunting Photo's #4
Hunting Photo's #5
Hunting Photo's #6

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