I don't know, five or six years ago,  I first got on the internet Nascar.com was the first place I went.  I had seen it advertised on television and couldn't wait to get there.  Once there, I went to the chat room.  The first question anyone asked me was "Who's your driver?".  How many times have we seen that question and didn't take a second to answer "Earnhardt"?  How many times have we claimed him as our own?  He was mine, all mine, Judi's.  As he was my husband, Michael's; my brother, Jim's;  my friend, Sam's;  my mom and dad's, my son, Jay's. He was ours.  We loved him, enjoyed him, made him ours.  He is still ours.  He is our memories of the best that NASCAR ever had.   He is now our special angel looking down on us smiling, loving us for loving him,  he might even be a little embarrassed at all the special attention he is getting.  Then again, he might be up there with that grin he had, saying, "Look at all those that said they hated me.  Look, they didn't, they'll miss me too."



"Don't come here and grumble about going too fast.  Get the hell out of the race car if you've got feathers on you legs or butt.   Put a kerosene rag around your ankles so the ants won't climb up there and ear that candy ass."

Earnhardt quote about Talladega.  1998

Why do I think this is what Dale, Jr. is going to feel like from now on?  He'll have Dad whispering in his ear.


Do you think that Elmo Langley knew Dale was there when he got hit from behind?

My husband and I feel we owe Dale Earnhardt.  We owe him for the appreciation of the sport called NASCAR.  It is because of this that we will support Dale, Jr.  When that green flag falls, we'll be hollarin' for Lil E but will always be thinking of the man.

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Hi and welcome to my page!  What is a girl to do?   I have loved Earnhardt for years and in 1999 decided to go with Tony Stewart to have competition in our family, as everyone loves Earnhardt except for a neice that for some reason loves Jeffy...poor child.  There is one thing though.  I kept yelling for Earnhardt!   As I said above Dreamer and I feel we owe Dale Earnhardt so much.  We will support Dale, Jr.  The Intimidator would have wanted it that way.
So about me...well, I'm married to that guy, Michael otherwise known as Dreamer, that I met on the internet in a Nascar chat room; that's right, on the internet.  He's orginally from Georgia and now lives here in Tennessee with me and our two beautiful children Jay and Michaela.  We spend our time with the kids and are just trying to keep up with them.  We enjoy going to the local dirt track, playing T-ball with Jay and Michaela and going to a couple Bristol races a year.



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