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There is nothing quite like stepping on the gas, having your neck snap back, as the Adrenaline begins to flow.  This site is dedicated to performance and speed, and the people who love it!.  Check out My Monte Carlo (Gone now, but I'm still proud of the work I did).  Then check out my Z28 (More Pictures to come).

Ever since my brother went into the service in 1986, and he left my his 1975 Chevelle (Wish I had pics), I've had a love for Horse power, and the Bow Tie!  You won't see this Bowtie Bandit sitting in a Ford.  

Not only is this site dedicated to performance and speed, It's also the home of the Monte Carlo Webring.. Currently over 130 sites and growing. 


  This Monte Carlo Webring site is owned by Thomas PrevettWant to join the Monte Carlo Webring?

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