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Hi!welcome to email pals the most wonderful page on the net(along with the most big headed owner of a webpage on the net!)Anyway as you can see this webpage is where you get email pals but theres not just two nice normal links to the page where you add your name and the place where you read the list,that`s too boring and normal for me,so what is there(it is generally quite important,knowing what there is on a page you`re visiting!)

so what is on this page(apart from writing!) well obviously there`s a place where you can add your name to our list of people wanting email pals which is now quite big and with me being the kind person I am (?) you can fill in as much or as little of the form in as you like.

then why not read the list of people wanting email pals which is now very long because of the nice people who`ve filled in my form,but is completely unorganised and so just BEWARE!! If you`d like your own company just go to zzn.com

umm....then there`s the all new chat world which will soon have millions of chat rooms,courtesy of the nice people at beseen!!and a links page which even has a little webcrawler thing so if you want to look at more page then all you have do is type in one word,wow! and then a boardroom,and a guestbook.

well I think that`s about it,well almost it,just look at the links below and enjoy looking round this page(if you don`t and you value your life then lie and say you did!!!)

according to this counter you are wonderful,intelligent,brilliant,gifted visitor wwith good taste number since January 1999(honest,well almost!)

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thanks for visiting this wonderful page, if you have any good comments or would like to email me because I`ve got such an unbelievably good personality(!!) email me at thepets@mailcity.com ,if you have any bad comments or wish to offend me, lie convincingly!

if you have an email account with me,or if you want a free email address(how could anyone NOT want one?! just log in here.

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