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There are more things between heaven and earth, Horatio, that you ever dreamt about (Shakespeare)

One thing I never could imagine is that YOU are visiting my homepage. All right, please allow me to introduce myself. I was born in the beautiful city of Aachen, Germany, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Fall 1965.

I've studied Chemistry at the RWTH Aachen and finished my Ph.D. at the Center of Physical Chemistry under Microgravity (although my old math teacher will not believe that I ever got that far). Until September 1996 I did my Postdoc at the University of Colorado at Boulder, at the Gravitational Fluid Mechanics Laboratory. I gratefully acknowledge the support of my work through an external ESA (European Space Agency) fellowship. Thanks guys!

When I wasn't working, I did enjoy the Colorado outdoors, like biking, running, hiking, skiing , just the usual stuff out there in the west. I do believe in Chief Niwot's curse, so I'll go back to Boulder some day.

Well, life goes on and so I had to find a job. A little bit unusual for a chemist, I' m with SAP now, the only successful german software company ever!

After being in the Badenlšndle for 18 months, I thought, working with R/3 is kind of cool, but why not doing that in the US for a change. So we moved to West Chester, PA in the suburbs of Philadelphia. (If you ever happen to be in a 'I'm-moving-into-another-continent'-situation, don't take your car with you as it takes about 6 months to go to conversion and don't take never ever a Honda motorbike with you. Why Honda? Send me an email and I tell you what the slogan 'Come ride with us' really means).

Anyway. This is now also history. I moved on again and started with West Pharmaceutical Services. I'm still doing the SAP stuff in that company with ever increasing challenges almost every day.


  • Here's what my Ph.D. was about.

  • A brief history of automobiles

    In everybodies daily life cars play a major role. But who knows the history about automobiles, I mean who knows the truth ?

    Well, here it is.

    The Icecube problem

    A preview of the scientific approach to understand the 2nd Icecube law.

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