Welcome To Hoppy's not especially new non singing and non dancing web pages.

In a world full of change, some things have remained static since 1996

It's been a while since the last dramatic change of my web page, the day I put it up for the first time in fact, so I decided that I'd do a new one.

So here it is. A pile of mainly new stuff which although very similar to the old stuff is in fact new stuff. So ner. Those more observant amongst you may have noticed that very little has changed, there are a couple of reasons for this. Mainly: I couldn't be bothered, and why change a good thing? (What, you don't like my web pages? Well ~5000 people have looked at it, and no one has complained yet. Well, not much anyway, and even then only because they were amazed at the lack of pornography and copied files)

By the way. You might think these pages are a bit cynical. You'd probably be right.

Out of date? Whaddya mean out of date? Be thankful you don't have to download a new version of netscrape or internet exploder or something just to hear an irritating midi tune and watch a stupid movie.

What you might find here if you can be bothered to look, (and if Geocities is working...)

NEW Paragliding things. More pictures

Fractal Gubbins

3D programming info

2m Twigs

How to build some simple antennas for 2m radios

Satellite antenna from an umbrella

How to convert an old umbrella into a 10dBi yagi for listening to polar orbiting amateur satllites. 16/9/2005

Weather Satellite stuff

Hoppy Data


Making model hot air balloons

Other things

Counter - No particular reason. No use. But hey, every one else has one. Counter

Last updated - 18 / 10 / 2005, or for those in America, that's 10 / 18 / 2005, and please stop sending me Viagra adverts.
Fixed a few html bugs using CSE HTML Validator Lite. They were only careless syntax bugs. Fortunately Netscrape and Internet Exploder let you get away with murder. I wonder what would happen if C was like that?

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